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DW paintingNarrated by his mother

Hello! and welcome to his page.

Damien Wong Sher Yng, also known as Damien was born with autism in the year 1995. A very obedient and caring boy who listen to the elderly.

How did I discover Damien’s talent in art? Initially when I sent Damien for art classes, I was not impressed with his output. However, with my sister’s encouragement, I asked Damien to draw something for submission to the Brian Ayers Art Exhibition in 2008. Damien’s drawing a lady in sarong holding a bowl of fruits in water colour won a merit prize. I was surprised but proud of Damien accomplishment. Damien painting was also selected for the year 2009 Asia ParaArt Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan after which the foundation decided to keep his painting there on a permanent basis.

Most of his artwork has thick texture that give dimension to the piece. Bright vivid colour is also his main focus in each piece of artwork. His painting has brightened the walls of residences and offices in Malaysia, Australia, Japan and most recently UK. So here, he is today making art for anyone who needs some. Some buyer loves it, and wants more… I think you will too.

Thank you for your interest in his work. I appreciate any feedback and advice that anyone may have to offer.

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